About Bee Kind Australia

We are unapologetic in our mission to restore Australia’s Bee population, this is not an issue that throwing money at will fix. The only way to save the bees is to feed them and educate our community about the dire situation and the solution. Bees are vital members of our ecosystem and without them there would be significant decreases in food and plant reproduction.

At Bee Kind Australia we are committed to being as sustainable as possible, all our packaging is made from recycled paper, here in Australia. Each seed packet purchased is hand filled with seeds sourced in Australia. All our seeds are clean, reliable, non GMO and not chemically treated.

Help us Help the bees and sow the seed to a brighter future, lets fill Australia full of flowers.

stingless bee and sunflower
Leaf cutter bee on purple alfalfa flowers
Honeybee on white flower

Australia our bees are dying! It is estimated that honey production is down by 90% due to starving colonies. These bees are essential in pollinating our crops. We want to fix this!

stingless bee on purple flowers

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